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  • To always put your interests before my own, even if it means advising you that, were I in your situation, I would not buy, sell, or refinance. If I don't think I can make your situation better, I will tell you upfront.


  • To provide consistent updates to you and all associated parties during the process. I will keep the loan progress very transparent but I will never disclose sensitive information to anyone but you without your consent.


  • To respond to all your questions. I aim to answer all questions immediately but you will never have to wait more than a day and you'll never have to ask twice.


  • To always do my best to set proper expectations and let you know what’s happening now and what’s coming next.


  • To honor my commitments to you. If I cannot keep a promise for any reason, I will be in communication immediately.


  • To give you the best deal I have to offer. My compensation is tied to the loan amount so I will never have any incentive to give you anything but the best interest rate we can offer.


  • To never quote you anything but the full costs I can anticipate. I will guarantee in writing the cost and terms of my quotes, contingent upon underwriting approval. No low balls, no pretending costs don't exist or aren't my responsibility to tell you about. I will always tell you the complete truth as I understand it. I may be wrong, but I will not lie or obscure the truth.


  • That if I think I see a better way to do something, or a way to put you into in a better situation, I will advise you of it, but the final decision must be yours, and I promise to respect that.



These are my promises to you.

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