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Schedule a 15 minute call to discuss your scenario.


To access my calendar and complete this step click the calendar icon or click here.

02. Application and Documentation

Submit an application through my online portal.

03. Getting Pre-Approved

Get an underwritten approval in one business day and start house hunting.

04. Finding A Home

You win the bid and schedule a home inspection. Simultaneously, we will update your file and request any documents that may have expired.

05. Signing Contracts

Now that both parties have come to an agreement we can discuss ordering the appraisal, working on a commitment letter, interest rates and programs.

06. Loan Submission & Disclosures

Updated documents, disclosures and contracts are submitted to underwriting for a loan commitment.

07. Ordering The Appraisal

The appraisal is ordered to make sure that the current value of the property is equal to or greater than the price you are paying.

08. Commitment Letter Issued

The underwriter will list all the conditions that must be submitted and approved before we can fund the loan.

09. Lock In The Interest Rate

Once the appraisal has been approved and the title has been cleared, we will lock the interest rate.

10. Submit Final Conditions

All outstanding conditions are submitted to the underwriter for final approval.

11. Final Approval

Also known as a "clear to close" means that all conditions have been approved by the underwriter. Final numbers for closing will be issued as well as scheduling the closing.

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