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Andrew Wintergerst, Client

New Rochelle NY

It was a great experience working with Mario throughout this process. He was very helpful and very clear as to what was going on. He was very creative and thought outside the box on some occasions to get things done. I was very happy with his service and glad I got to work with such a good person who cared about my situation. Whenever I had a question or concern, he always got back to me right away which was nice. Definitely, recommend him!

Adam Harvey, Client

Scarsdale NY

I can't recommend Mario Trotta strongly enough. Mario provided amazing service, guidance, and expertise throughout the sale & purchase of my homes.

Mario is a consummate professional who prides himself on clearly outlining and delivering expectations. From start to finish the entire process of working with Mario and his team was painless and flawless.​​

Mario is much more than a mortgage broker, he is a trusted advisor for home sale and acquisition.

Tom & Michelle Brennan

Mamaroneck NY

What I loved most about working with Mario were that he was always available to answer questions, explained the most difficult mortgage processes clearly and was always on top of what steps were needed to be taken for any situation. He is extremely knowledgeable, affable and gets things done. If I had any friend who was about to go through the mortgage process, I would give him Mario's number in a heartbeat. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Dr. Nate Kravis, Client

Larchmont NY

I am very happy with the closings, thank you very much. I will be filling out the surveys soon & my responses will reflect my appreciation for your superb work with me. I want you to know that I am deeply grateful for how unfailingly responsive & helpful you have been to me throughout this process from start to finish.

Shauna Henry, Client

Elmsford NY

Before meeting Mario, we had a fear that we might not close on the house and would possibly lose our down payment. We found Mario before it was too late. He delivered a six-star experience and was there to guide us stage by stage through the process. He made himself available to answer our questions and address our concerns. He was an excellent communicator and displayed top class professionalism. I would highly recommend Mario to anyone seeking to buy a house. Thank you, Mario! We could not have done it without your guidance.

Barbara Bruno, Client

Bronx NY

You have my 100% customer satisfaction!! You made a very difficult time in my life stress-free.  I always felt that I was being taken care of, every base was covered for me…it was such a treat because I’m usually “that person” that takes care of everything – and this time, it was being done for me!  So thank you!

I would recommend you and your team to family, friends, and co-workers for sure.

I love my new place – still can’t believe I’m actually there – thanks to you!!



John Walzer, Client

Tuckahoe NY

I hope all is well.  I am still in the midst of the refi and seems like it’s going smoothly.

More importantly,  look for an email or call from Michael Nivasch.  He was looking for a “good, trustworthy mortgage guy”.  I said I could do much better than good.  I can get him in touch with GREAT.​

Maria Dekhtyar, Client

Fort Lee NJ

Thank you very much for all your help. Especially thanks for being patient, for listening to my requests and providing Michael and I with the great interest rate and excellent service. It is greatly appreciated.

Jeannie Summo, Client

Larchmont NY

This was the simplest and most organized mortgage process we have ever been through. We will definitely be giving very positive feedback. Thank you.​

Elizabeth Kee, Realtor


I think his system is great! It is so helpful and saves so much time and confusion! Great job!

Anthony Lando, Realtor

Keller Williams

Closing this transaction with Mario on the mortgage side was a breeze. From the very beginning, he was very hands-on and kept all parties well Informed throughout the entire process. Mario is very knowledgeable and helped this transaction to close expeditiously. Looking forward to another deal!

Lori Morrow, Realtor

Keller Williams

Mario does a fabulous job of staying in contact with his clients. He is easy to work. with and as a realtor I feel always in the loop

Eitan Goldman, Client

New York NY

It was great working with you-you made this a stress free transaction.​

Elise F., Client

Scarsdale NY

I still cannot believe how easy you made this whole process so you can count on me to complete the survey and give you RAVE reviews about the service I received!!

Donna P., Client

White Plains NY

Honestly, I cannot thank you enough. You and your team were fantastic to work with and made this a very easy process. Trust me, I have already told others!!

Lynn Trotta, Realtor

Bershire Hathaway

Mario is honest, reliable and extremely knowledgeable in his ability to bring my sales to fruition. His honesty, integrity and communication skills have far exceeded my expectations and my clients. His service is impeccable and he always keeps whomever is working on the deal in the loop.

Louis Esposito, Realtor

Douglas Elliman

Thank you, great job! It was a pleasure. It was very helpful to be in the loop throughout the process. I will definitely refer you to future clients

Rose Bulfamante, Realtor

Houlihan Lawrence

Love the updates. I just was telling the office about your system!

Jan Vinikoor, Realtor

Houlihan Lawrence

You are great. I already am keeping your contact info. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Mary Jane Adorno, Realtor

Steckler Real Estate

Mario- you did a wonderful job and my client is very happy! 

Peggy Johnston, Realtor

Coldwell Banker

Thanks very much! How refreshing to find someone who willingly cooperates and shares info!

Phyllis Lerner, Realtor

William Raveis Legends

You have been a pleasure to work with as an agent. These updates are great.

Denise Aversa, Realtor

Better Homes & Gardens

You closed this loan in record time and I would be happy to work with you again. You really were a great mortgage rep

Angelo Troiano, Realtor

Houlihan Lawrence

It was a pleasure to work with you as it was an extremely professional process. I will refer you as much as possible as you are at the top of my list. I thank you and I will keep in touch.

Patricia Cassese, Realtor

Berkshire Hathaway

The amount of feedback from Mario was unbelievable. He let me know what was happening every step of the way. He represented the Buyer of my listing, so it was extra nice to be able to let my Sellers know the movement of the mortgage process.

Brett Lando, Attorney

White Plains NY

Mario was an excellent mortgage loan officer on this transaction. He was very thorough, provided numerous updates and all parties informed. I highly recommend him!

Ilana Stimmel, Realtor

Atlantic Realty Data Corp

It was a pleasure to work with you as it was an extremely professional process. I will refer you as much as possible as you are at the top of my list. I thank you and I will keep in touch.

David Nigrelli, Attorney

Valhalla NY

Mario is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely responsive. Mario works very hard to keep his clients informed and it shows. We are impressed with how quickly he can close a loan and this keeps all parties happy. Mario is accessible nights, weekends and anytime you need him. If you are a potential purchaser or a real estate agent you should give Mario a call and let him work his magic. You will thank me.

Carine-Eustache Jones

Douglas Elliman

You have more than exceeded my expectations.  I absolutely love the updates and have been sharing them with my colleagues.  I'm pretty sure you will be getting more referrals. I have given your name to another potential buyer! I appreciate your business and professionalism.  I look forward to closing much more.  Thanks again.

Al Renauto, Attorney

White Plains NY

You always do a great job and the deals are as smooth as they can be. I look forward to working with you as much as possible and hope to be an asset to you and OUR clients.

Linda Kirkpatrick, Client

Eastchester NY

5's all around! Looking forward to filling out the surveys and if there's anyone specifically I can email to sing your praises, let me know.

Rich Bobe, Client

Tuckahoe NY

When I was looking to buy my first place, I was completely clueless as to the process of what needed to be done. Mario Trotta ensured that I knew everything before applying for a mortgage and walked me through every step of the way until the process was complete. I never had to ask Mario for status updates, he would always keep me aware of what was going on with the bank and loan and gave me a very accurate timetable of when I would expect to close and what to expect from his end. I'd recommend Mario to anyone because he puts the customer first and goes out of his way to make a daunting process as seamless as possible.

Michael Horgan Jr., Attorney

Bronxville NY

Today I was representing the sellers of a single-family home. Mario Trotta handled the mortgage financing for the purchasers. Mario was very diligent about keeping all parties informed on the progress throughout the transaction. I was impressed with how fast Mario was able to get the buyers approved for their financing. It was a pleasure having him on this deal.

Richard Golio, Attorney

White Plains, NY

As always Mario gave 100% and did everything needed to ensure the client was happy and they had a smooth experience.

Rosie & Pedro

Where do I begin? Words cannot describe how incredibly grateful my husband, daughter and I are to have worked with Mario at Movement Mortgage throughout the process of purchasing our home. As first time homebuyers, we had no idea what the process would be like and it was seriously a stroke of luck (I would prefer to say fate) that we met Mario at an open house way back in November 2017. From the moment we met, Mario was incredibly friendly, polite and professional. Not only was he willing to answer all of our questions on the spot but followed up with us immediately once we parted ways. He gave us a wealth of information and encouraged us to shop around for our mortgage. We never felt pressured in working with Mario, which cemented our decision to work with him directly.

During the application process, Mario was always available to answer any of our questions which helped us feel stress-free in what could have otherwise been a highly stressful situation. The actual process of applying was so convenient and easy as it was all streamlined online making the process practically paperless (go green technology)!

My husband and I both agree we plan to recommend Mario as the "Go To Guy" for applying for a mortgage. We have already shared our experience with a few friends who have either purchased a home or are planning to do so in the near future. The reaction is both the same... they are impressed with how easy and how happy we were throughout the whole process. We have Mario hugely to thank for that. I personally think that Mario is a "people person" who connects well with others and that makes a world of a difference in this kind of situation. In addition to this, he works with a team of diligent people who come together like a well oiled machine, each playing their part so the home loan process gets off the ground as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

We cannot thank Mario (and his team) enough for all his help, kindness and understanding in our first home purchase. We look forward to keeping in contact with him and recommending him to others who too may need direction in purchasing their next home!

Thanks Mario. You are truly an amazing person and we are eternally grateful to have met and worked with you!

Alfred Bruno, Realtor

Berkshire Hathaway

Mario is amazing, My clients and I were always up to date every step of the way. Mario is one of the most organized mortgage brokers that I have worked with yet. Very responsive and personable to myself and our client.

In 15 years of business, I will never forget this 4 star review.

It’s taken a lot of self-work and emotional maturity to see the gold that lies in criticism. I will admit that I love praise and acknowledgment, it’s my “love language” if anyone else is familiar with that book. I feel rewarded when people take the time to acknowledge the hard- work I try to put into everything I do. Maybe as I progress through my personal journey that type of validation won’t be as necessary but for now I can choose to find the gold in what I perceive as negative feedback and use it to improve.


I listened to podcast recently by mfceoproject and something he said really stuck. Its not about the win. The “win” as it is relevant to my line of work is getting the loan closed. The truth is, the “win” is nothing compared to perfecting the process. Yes, this 4 star review was a client that closed and I thought I went above and beyond throughout the process. But the client, although happy, did not feel I delivered a perfect process.


When I step back and strip my emotions and observe without judgement, I am able to see it from their perspective. I explained 99% thoroughly but I fell short somewhere and that 1% made the difference between good and great for them. Since then I have worked even harder to improve my customers experience. Not because I want more testimonials to show off. It’s because when someone refers me or chooses to work with me, they DESERVE the very best. They deserve to be treated as if they are my only client. This 4 star review was a gift to me and to my future clients and for that I’m grateful

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